Smoothie box is a Sydney based, small business, designed to take the hard work out of creating balanced, fresh, and nutritious smoothies. We take the pain out of sourcing, preparing and planning. We pre-pack, perfectly portioned ingredients; which once blended with 1 ½ cups of water, creates the ultimate smoothie (as a meal or snack).

Enjoy unprocessed raw  Superfoods! Only the highest-quality ingredients make it into our packs.


All liquids, fruits, powders, syrups, seeds, nuts and any other ingredients are all snap frozen and portioned individually, making it easy to substitute or take out an ingredient if necessary. Enjoy unprocessed raw  Superfoods.  Only the highest-quality ingredients make it into our packs.  You get access to a wide variety of smoothie recipes, all tried and tested to ensure quality, taste and maximum nutitional bang.

Our motto is based on moderation, holism and balance! Although we can assure our ingredients are healthy, fresh and damn right sexy, we do not focus on caloric intake,  however, the quantity of each individual ingredient is outlined in the smoothie description and the macro breakdown  can be found on our 'Nutrition' Page.


If your smoothies aren’t as scrumptious as you had hoped for, we will happily give you your money back within 7 days of ordering your first box, to newly created accounts. 

Currently we deliver to a radius of 50km from Sydney CBD. Our warehouse and kitchen is in Tempe Sydney, so pick up can be arranged if delivery days do not suit.

We  value customer feedback so please tell us about your flavour combinations and experiences. 
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Our production, manufacturing and assembly line are all within the same facility, which is not strictly allergen free and thus we cannot insure ingredient isolation. Find out more.