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perfect superfood smoothies

all you do is add water & blend

How It Works
We create delicious smoothie recipes 
Choose your smoothies flavours.
We deliver ready-to-blend packs, to your door. 

 Add Water



Store in the freezer & blend on your schedule.


We take the pain out of  sourcing, preparing & planning your perfect superfood smoothie.

Add 1.5 cups of water,  blend & enjoy.

Store in the freezer & blend on your schedule.


Our wide range of recipes are all tried & tested to ensure maximum taste, EVERYTIME.
Our recipes include unique ingredients sourced locally where possible and from organic origins. There are NO preservatives, sugars or artificial nasties added to our smoothies.



We ensure only the highest quality ingredients make it into our packs.

Snap frozen to lock in all the goodnes, our smoothies are nutrient dense, unprocessed, healthy & high in energy. Your body will thank you!!